QuickBooks Enterprise vs ERP Software

QuickBooks Enterprise vs ERP Software

Your business is unique and it requires a planning tool that will accommodate your specific needs.

This is where software called Quickbook Enterprise comes in. Quickbooks Enterprise keeps track of all your financial information for your business. Additionally, Quickbooks Enterprise tracks not only financial information but other necessary day-to-day operations as well.

While Quickbooks Enterprise is one of the most widely used tools for organizing and tracking business details, ERP systems are also in the mix.

So, why is Quickbooks Enterprise preferred over ERP systems more often? Keep reading to learn more!

Benefits of Quickbooks Enterprise

There are many features and benefits that are included when you choose to use Quickbooks Enterprise.

Here are some of them:


With Quickbooks Advanced Pricing, you have the ability to have full control of your pricing.

You can change your pricing anytime that you want and it’s really easy to do. Customize and automate your pricing with Quickbooks Advanced Pricing right within the program.

Quickbooks Advanced Pricing is great for updating discounts that are impacted by quantity or special promotions. Also, manufacturer markdowns are taken into consideration.


One of the perks of using Quickbooks Enterprise is the access you have to the Quickbooks advanced inventory management system.

With the advanced inventory management system, you can take care of all your inventory needs in one place. This includes software and data integration.

Using Quickbooks for inventory is a very simple process. All you have to do is scan information like inventory and serial numbers. Once you’ve scanned the necessary information, Quickbooks will take care of filling in any of the fields necessary.

If you don’t have a barcode, don’t worry! Quickbooks can create them for you.


The new Advanced Reporting option which is included with Quickbooks Enterprise will become an important business asset to you.

Gaining insight into how your company is running has never been easier! As you input records into Quickbooks Enterprise, the information is stored for the long-term. If you need to take a look at the documents, you can find them right in Quickbooks Enterprise.

Plus, Quickbooks Enterprise will take all this data and create reports for you so you can measure where you’re at in your business. This tool is the most customizable reporting tool, and you can filter through the information to build any report you need!

Different Editions Based on Your Business Needs

We understand that one format doesn’t work for everyone.

This is why we’ve created multiple editions, each highlighting a different type of business or service. From construction, to contracting, to even nonprofit work, Quickbooks Enterprise has a solution for your business needs.

Each edition offers features that are specific to your business. A few features are…

  • barcode scanning for warehouse inventory
  • creating a job budget or estimate
  • customized chart of accounts you’re working with
  • tracking job progress
  • safeguarded data

To get the most out of Quickbooks, it’s important that the tool has the features you need. Quickbooks Enterprise makes sure you get that.

What Do ERP Systems Have to Offer?

ERP, or, “enterprise resource planning” systems, are a way for large companies to manage their day to day operations.

When you use an ERP system, you’re going to pay based on your consumption. It isn’t a tool like Quickbooks Enterprise, where you pay per month or per year to satisfy all of your business needs.

The price you pay while using an ERP system is going to depend on factors like…

  • What kinds of applications you’re using for your business
  • The licenses that you’re considering for your business (SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud Subscription, Private Perpetual License)
  • The amount of consumption that your company is using. This includes the size of your company, the amount of data you’re storing, and the number of transactions you complete.

It’s often recommended to switch to an ERP system once your business has grown to a point where Quickbooks is more difficult to use. ERP systems are sometimes better to use for larger businesses because they offer more complex systems that allow large businesses to thrive.

Some of the features offered by ERP systems are…

  • Help managing finances
  • Accounting based on projects
  • Management for the customer-business relationship
  • Editions based on your needs

These are assets if you’re business has grown greatly.

Quickbooks Enterprise vs ERP Systems

While both tools will help you manage your business, the one that works the best for you will most likely be Quickbooks Enterprise.

Most small to mid-size businesses prefer Quickbooks. This is because Quickbooks Enterprise is incredibly convenient to use. Most other software can integrate easily with Quickbooks since Quickbooks is so widely used as well.

This makes finding all of your information, editing it, and adding information much easier. You don’t have to switch between pages and programs to take care of the things that you need to.

Quickbooks Enterprise is preferred among small or mid-sized companies because of how simple Quickbooks is to use. When you’re starting out, you want the simplest tool that will take care of your financial needs.

Quickbooks Enterprises kicked it up a notch, with the ability to take on more responsibility than just finances. Inventory and reporting are also features offered by Quickbooks Enterprise.

On the other side, ERP systems offer the capacity to work with large businesses. If you find that your business is outgrowing the capabilities of Quickbooks, you may want to consider switching to an ERP system.

While Quickbooks Enterprise is more efficient and commonly used than ERP systems, sometimes ERP systems are more helpful for large businesses. For the majority of businesses, Quickbooks is going to be the most useful tool.

Which Business Tool is Right for You?

While the majority of businesses lean on Quickbooks Enterprise for their business needs, you may find that an ERP system fits yours better.

Quickbooks Enterprise is definitely more convenient and cost-effective for your small business needs. To make your decision, it would be wise to weigh your pros and cons and make a list of what you need your software to satisfy.

If you’re interested in using Quickbooks Enterprise, contact us to learn more about getting started!

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