Are You a QuickBooks POS Basic or QuickBooks POS Pro?

First things first, every little detail of your business counts. Finding the best point-of-sale desktop software is an important choice. Depending on your type of business and business needs it will affect which POS software is best for you. Do you need the QuickBooks POS Basic or QuickBooks POS Pro software? This POS software is a complete inventory and store management software. This software is to help run your business and is user-friendly.

Quickbooks POS Basic

The name speaks for itself, QuickBooks POS Basic is for those that need the essentials and do not mind a little extra. It is a desktop point-of-sale system that is full of helpful features. The software includes managing sales, inventory, and can track your customers. The startup and workflow on the QuickBooks POS Basic 18.0 are ten times faster than prior versions. This software will save you time with the features that help you multitask, sort, and use the many shortcuts available. Processing credit cards has never been easier with QuickBooks payments. It will also integrate with your QuickBooks desktop saving you hours of work of inputting data. If you are just starting your business do not worry it will work with large, multi-location relaters if you decide to expand to more locations.

QuickBooks POS Pro

The QuickBooks POS Pro has everything the basic includes and more features. If your business needs more help and extra features, this would be great for you. It can track your work and sales orders. It will include pictures of your inventory as well as track all your vendors, UPC codes, and serial numbers. If you have employees that earn from a commission, it can track that and the hours each staff member works. This will send time cards to your QuickBooks financial software making payroll processing barely a chore for you. QuickBooks POS Pro can customize all your price tags, receipts, and more. It can create purchase orders automatically after it is pre-set, and tools included to help update your prices. If needed it can create discounts for your products or services. You can generate promotional prices on specific products to improve traffic and sales.

Both software QuickBooks POS Basic and QuickBooks POS Pro are top-of-the-notch products that will help you succeed in the business world. There are many POS software options that can grow with your business. QuickBooks POS Basic is a great choice for you if you are just beginning in the business world. It is also good if you are an existing smaller business with fewer needs. They both will help you support a healthy business. The software can aid you on your path to big success. Purchasing the software will save you valuable time that you can use elsewhere. QuickBooks POS Pro is a good choice for those you need more features and helps with more daily business chores. It will change the business world for you completely.

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