QuickBooks POS Credit Card issue Fix

The Intuit Reseller Program has just issued a notice for users of the Intuit Merchant Service. The issue involves QuickBooks POS timing out while processing credit cards – but luckily, Intuit has a solution. The issue was causing duplicate transactions for companies’ customers. Intuit will also be issuing refunds for these fees.

The fix:

  1. To install the released patch, go into your POS software > Help > Software Updates > Check for Updates > Install this Update
  2. Make sure to review your Recent Activity to make sure this bug has not affected you. If it has, and you see duplicate transactions, you can reverse the affected transactions and ensure that your customers’ cards are only charged for what they have purchased.
    1. To do this: Sign into the Merchant Service Center
    2. Click “Reverse a transaction” under Processing Tools
    3. Complete the fields > Find
    4. Select the checkbox for transactions you need a refund for > Submit

After you’ve done all this, Intuit will refund any processing fees for these actions. If you have any questions, ask our experts.

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