Which QuickBooks POS Version Do I Need?

Are you looking to update your Point of Sale (POS) options? There are many reasons to upgrade your POS software. If you operate anything more than a cash register for a brick and mortar business, you need additional options to gain satisfied customers. Obviously, if your only POS need is a cash register, then there is less of a need to study the advanced features of QuickBooks POS. On the other hand, if your business is multi-faceted and expanding, you must have a variety of sales options available. When you’ve decided you need a QuickBooks POS package, that is not the end. You must also determine which package is right for you.

Fortunately, there are different QuickBooks Pro versions to choose from. Each version has a few different features to assist you in determining the perfect version for your business needs. There are three versions of QuickBooks POS to choose from Basic, Pro, and Multi-Store. In this post, we will discover the benefits of the QuickBooks Pro POS version.

Expenditure Management

One of the biggest benefits of the QuickBooks Pro POS version is the ability to manage your business expenditures. With QuickBooks Pro, you can program in your monthly recurring bills with their due dates and automatically print checks on their due dates. Furthermore, the record of your payments will automatically be stored in your software package for future reference. Lastly, your QuickBooks Pro POS version can connect with your bank account and eliminate the need for paper-based bank statements.

Revenue Management

Another benefit of the QuickBooks Pro POS version is the capability of tracking business transactions and automatically producing receipts and invoices. Moreover, you can forward these invoices to your customers via email reducing the need for snail mail documentation. If your business is interested in the additional ease of accepting credit or debit card payment for services rendered, then you can subscribe to Intuit QuickBooks Merchant Services. This added feature also allows you to scan and accept checks into the platform.

Business Decisions

The last area in which the QuickBooks POS Pro can assist your business is through business decisions. QuickBooks POS Pro comes with pre-built sales, customer reports, and product inventory reports. The extensive reports that you can produce with the Pro version can identify trends and help forecast future business performance. Additionally, with POS Pro, you can record, update, and monitor employee documentation.

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