Why Should Growing Businesses Use Acumatica?

Why Should Growing Businesses Use Acumatica?

Why Should Growing Businesses Use Acumatica?

The ERP world can be a tough one to navigate. There are some ERP sales pitches that might be extremely convincing because of its prices. However, some of these pricing strategies can hinder the growth of your business in the long run by making you pay additional fees for more user licenses. When you use Acumatica for your business, you will not have to worry because it will facilitate rapid growth. This article will explain how growing businesses can benefit from using this software.

The Pricing Structures are Resource-Based

 As mentioned above, there are many ERP providers who charge additional fees for every new user. As such, as your business scales and the number of users increases, the higher the expenses in the long term. Instead of this unsustainable pricing, Acumatica charges you based on the resources that you use. This allows you to add as many users, and cater to as many customers and suppliers as you want. The fees that you have to pay are based on the quantity of applications that are integrated and also what you require to cater to the sheer volume of the transactions made. Acumatica is special because you can choose to implement as many apps whenever you want.

License Upgrades

 Depending on the nature of your business, Acumatica can provide short-term license upgrades to suit the seasons where demand is higher. All you have to do is find out the cost of the upgrade, which is marked by the difference between the annual contract plans. After you do this, pro-rate the price by the period in which you are likely to add more users. Finally, you have to add an extra 20% to adjust the price. Acumatica is unparalleled in the ERP solution market because it provides the freedom for your company to grow. Acumatica’s pricing structure coupled with the fact that there are no hidden costs, you can be free to expand your business and elevate it to the next level.

 Unlimited Number of Users

 When you are doing your market research, there are many other cloud infrastructures that might seem a lot cheaper than Acumatica. However, this might be a false economy because you are likely to end up paying much more when you inevitably have to add more users. Imagine the scenario where you are charged for every user. In the long run, you will have to reach a compromise, whether it is paying for the new users or choosing to move on without the new users. Either way, your business will not be able to reach its full potential. Using Acumatica, you will not have to face this dilemma if you manage to keep the level of resources at a fixed level.

Flexible Deployment

 In contrast with the other popular ERP options, Acumatica can give you the full control over deployment. You can choose to purchase it as an SaaS subscription. This means that you will only need a device like a computer or smartphone. You will eradicate the need for large, bulky servers that might be extremely costly as well. However, it is flexible because you can also opt to set it up on your own servers or make use of a good hosting partner.

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