QuickBooks Enterprise Add-On

QuickBooks Cycle Counts

Available exclusively in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum Edition, cycle counts will transform your inventory process. Save hundreds of man hours by performing continuous inventory audits without stopping operations.

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Manage Cycle Counts In One Location

Easily view past and current cycle counts.  Your stated inventory will show against the new counted quantity, allowing you to easily track for theft, breakage, lost items, or untracked RMAs.

No more stopping work for time-consuming inventory counts. Perform continuous inventory auditing that will streamline operations.

cycle count management center in quickbooks

Count Inventory Using An Android Device

The ultimate timesaver! QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum syncs fully with Android devices. You can manually enter physical inventory counts, or scan barcodes by serial number while in the warehouse. This information will be securely sent to your QuickBooks Financial software and update automatically. No more exporting to Excel. No more dragging a computer to the warehouse.

Other Great Inventory Features in Platinum

Cycle Count Sync With Advanced Inventory

The Advanced Inventory functionality for QuickBooks Enterprise makes managing inventories of any size a simple task. You’ll notice the complete integration with QuickBooks right away if you manage inventory using bar codes. You just scan inventory and serial numbers with a scanner and QuickBooks takes over, putting your data in the correct fields automatically. And if your inventory items don’t have barcodes, QuickBooks can create them for you!

Mobile Inventory Barcode Scanning

Speed up the picking process and reduce data entry errors with mobile inventory barcode scanning*. Send sales orders to workers on the floor, scan inventory within a warehouse, and transfer the data wirelessly. Work across multiple warehouses or anywhere that has an internet connection.

*Handheld device sold separately.

Track Inventory in Multiple Locations

For each location, you can see how many items are on hand, on sales order, on purchase order, and your reorder point… and QuickBooks will automatically calculate which items you need to restock.

Flexibility to Set Up Various Types of Locations

In addition to tracking inventory in multiple warehouses, you can track it in different staging areas within a single warehouse, on service trucks, and on consignment. You can even track imported goods ‘on the water.’

Transfer Inventory from One Location to Another

If one location is running low on inventory, you can transfer stock from another location to meet demand without delay.

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