Moving from Microsoft Dynamics GP to QuickBooks Online put automation and reporting in the hands of this agriculture company


The harness racing horse breeders at Crawford Farms had an issue with its accounting software: It was way too clumsy and slow. They called Fourlane to help them convert from Microsoft Dynamics to QuickBooks.

“We were using Microsoft Dynamics GP that was not agile enough for our needs,” said Corinne Galavitz, CPA.

With Dynamics GP, the team had to build reports manually. They couldn’t get reporting on a timely basis. And don’t even get them started on the cost center tracking.

Dynamics GP kept the Crawford Farms team from getting the agility and speed it needed for success on the track.

But the breeders had their eye on a winning stallion: QuickBooks. They just needed help breaking and training it. Just as riders and owners call the Crawfords to train horses, the Crawfords called in the QuickBooks experts: Fourlane.


Fourlane engaged in a personalized discovery process with Crawford Farms, helping Galavitz identify ways to make tracking and recording cost centers and locations more seamless.

Together, Fourlane and Crawford Farms identified the best version and features of QuickBooks to meet their needs. They landed on QuickBooks Online – sleek, agile and always available on the move.

Fourlane gave the Crawford Farms team training on how to use QuickBooks effectively and confidently.


For Galavitz, this was the second time working with Fourlane, and she was happy with the results.

“We are now able to generate reports on a timely basis with much more automation,” said Galavitz. “The class tracking and location tracking have proven to be very beneficial because we are able to generate more agile reporting for the owners.”

Getting set up on QuickBooks Online has helped Crawford Farms meet their accounting goals and great improve their reporting process. From beginning to end, Galavitz connected with the Fourlane team, making a sometimes-stressful transition an enjoyable process.

“Working with Fourlane was a very personalized experience,” Galavitz said. “The team members were friendly, knowledgeable and patient. I enjoyed working with this company so much that I have referred them to several other former clients from my time spent in public accounting. I would love to work with this company anytime in the future!”

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