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10 Questions to Ask If You Need QuickBooks Pro for Your Business

Nearly six million people currently use QuickBooks to handle their business accounting needs.

Are you ready to join their ranks? Maybe you’re already there!

Either way, you’re likely aware that the software platform is available in myriad different versions designed to meet the varying needs of small or medium-sized businesses.

QuickBooks Pro is one of the most popular and well-known options. First introduced in 2017, the desktop solution has transformed since then, introducing a newer and more robust version every year.

Could this be the accounting solution you need? Read on to find 10 questions to ask that can help you determine the answer.

What is QuickBooks Pro?

First, let’s discuss the background of QuickBooks Pro and what it’s intended to achieve.

A more recent and advanced version of the entry-level software, QuickBooks Pro makes facilitating basic business accounting functions a cinch, including:

  • Business transaction documentation
  • Check writing
  • Purchase order creation
  • Invoicing
  • Expense management
  • Reporting and analysis
  • HR and payroll

In addition, this version also integrates seamlessly with more than 100 other products and services to accommodate other business aspects, such as:

  • Payroll management
  • Data storage and backup
  • Receipt documentation

With QuickBooks Pro, users have access to a centralized hub, wherein they can manage all facets of their money-generating transactions. They can also monitor all overdue receivables and invoices through the Invoice Tracker.

Could this be the platform you’re looking for? Here are 10 questions to ask before investing in QuickBooks Pro for your business.

1. Am I Getting a New Computer?

Beginning with the QuickBooks Pro 2019 version, users can now upgrade or transfer their QuickBooks file to a new computer without complication.

If you’re currently using QuickBooks on an existing desktop computer but anticipate the need to switch your file to a new system, it might be worth it to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro before doing so.

2. Do I Need Multiple Monitors?

For some business owners, one desktop computer with a single monitor is all they need to accomplish all of their mission-critical accounting functions.

However, others might require a more robust setup, with multiple monitors in place to track different activities.

If this applies to you, it’s worth looking into QuickBooks Pro. Since 2018, the software has supported a multi-monitor setup, accommodating up to three monitors at a time. This can help you get your work done quicker than ever before!

3. Are My Customers Missing Payments?

Available in 2020 versions, QuickBooks Pro now has a new feature — Automatic Payment Reminders. With these, users can easily set reminders for customers that will notify them when their payments are due.

If you’re tired of following up manually when invoices don’t come in, it’s time to embrace this solution and start getting paid on time.

4. Do I Need Advanced Help Functions?

Research shows that only 43% of business owners who do their own payroll are confident that they’re doing it right.

Do you anticipate requiring a significant amount of help as you navigate all the features and functions of QuickBooks? Perhaps you already have another version and you’re already worn out the “Help” button!

In this case, QuickBooks Pro is ideal. A new feature in 2020 is the ability to press F1 to access enhanced Smart Help content. In addition, users can also connect with live experts through robust messaging and call-back features available through the QuickBooks Care Plan.

5. Is It Difficult to Track Invoices?

Once you send an invoice to one of your customers, do you feel left in the dark?

With QuickBooks Pro 2019 and later, you can enjoy real-time visibility into the status of every invoice. This helps you expedite the collection process and maintain strict control of your cash flow.

6. Do I Deal with Massive Files?

Do you find that your version of QuickBooks currently runs slower than normal? It could be attributed to the size of your files.

One of the most helpful features of QuickBooks Pro is the Data File Optimization tool. This function reduces file sizes by removing the audit trail from your historic transactions. It also eliminates unutilized tables from your database to free up extra space.

7. Is Manual Reporting a Pain?

Creating important accounting reports by hand is both time-consuming and complicated. It also introduces the possibility of human error.

With QuickBooks Pro, users can create automated reports based on any data provided. This enables on-time and accurate reporting, with the files emailed to appropriate stakeholders as scheduled.

8. Do I Manage Many Different Accounts?

If you’re responsible for overseeing a large number of accounts, finding the specific data you need can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Since its inception, QuickBooks Pro has always been equipped with an innovative Smart Search tool. This custom autocomplete feature allows users to search for customer names, account numbers, and transactions with ease.

9. Are Payables Overwhelming My Time?

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of your company bills?

If so, you need the built-in Bill Tracker tool available on all versions of QuickBooks Pro. This resource helps you track the status of every bill you send. You can also use it to print or close purchase orders and manage any other aspect of your payables.

10. Do I Manager Customer Credit?

Successful B2B credit management is an important part of any accounts receivable process. Doing it correctly can help ensure consistent cash flow and easier payment collections. It can also lead to more agreeable customer payment terms.

Yet, keeping track of such credit can be overwhelming. With QuickBooks Pro, users can maintain total control over them, transferring credits across jobs in seconds.

Navigate QuickBooks Pro With Ease

As you read through this list of questions, were you nodding in agreement with most of them?

If so, it might be time to invest in QuickBooks Pro for your organization.

Not sure where to start? That’s why we’re here.

We’re experienced QuickBooks consultants, and we’ve helped thousands of clients just like you take control of their financial, accounting and ERP systemsContact us today to learn more and let’s connect.

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