Consistency is key

5 Reasons Consistency Counts – In Our Business and Yours

Over the past few years, Fourlane has done a lot of work to become more consistent. We’ve created and documented processes, and trained our employees to deliver the very best services. We’ve also ensured that we have the right technology in place to track employee activity, better manage communications internally and with clients, and run our company like a well-oiled machine.

We also work with clients to make sure they have the ability to run their processes, regardless of location, in a consistent manner. This is particularly important in a multi-location company, such as a franchise.

Why is consistency so important?

1. Measurement. If each of our Fourlane team members does things differently, how will we know how long a project will take? It will make it more difficult for us to bid on projects, bill for services and measure the results.

2. Accountability. There is a direct relationship between consistency and quality. When projects derail, we want to know why. When they go well, we also want to know why! By following well-defined and consistent processes, we should be able to deliver what our clients really need. When we don’t, it is usually due to lack of consistency.

3. Customer satisfaction. Consistency establishes your reputation as a company. If your clients are pleased with the work you do, they will come back for more. When they do, they know exactly what to expect.

4. Meeting business goals. Growth and expansion are the results of good processes. Wash, rinse, repeat.

5. Succession. One of our clients recently brought back his retired bookkeeper because he couldn’t find anyone else who knew how to run the system. In these cases, employees hold their companies hostage because they know so much. Employers think they don’t have the time to train a new employee, so they keep working with existing employees. By not documenting their processes and procedures, employers limit their ability to fire, hire and grow.

As a consultant helping clients with their back-office workflow, consistency comes up with EVERY client I work with, regardless of the size of the company. If you haven’t been thinking about how consistency impacts your business, start now. It is the secret sauce!

Next week, I’ll cover more on how to achieve consistency.

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