Choosing the Best Online Accounting Software

Online accounting software is an important tool for every business because it keeps track of transactions, generates invoices and reports, and some programs even have additions like emailing payment reminders. Choosing the right online accounting software is important to have your business run smoothly. It may seem tempting to go with the first accounting software that you come by but it is important to fully research your options. Here are some tips on how to choose the best online accounting software.


When looking for online accounting software, it’s important to check that it is compatible with your current software. Choosing software that will play well with your current software will make the addition a lot easier. Compatible software will ensure that applications that your current software is in charge of will still be accurately recorded on both your current and new software. An example of this would be if your business was an online store. To ensure compatibility, you would need to look for an online accounting software that you could integrate with your eCommerce shopping cart. This would ensure that your sales and profits are automatically calculated and purchased items are subtracted from your inventory. Compatibility is an important factor to keep in mind when choosing accounting software.


Once you have found a few accounting softwares that you are interested in, the next step is to check out their websites. Going to their websites will help you see what features, pricing, and plans that each accounting software offers. You can explore the sites to see how well they support their clients, what FAQs are commonly asked, how good the user guides are and even check out some demo videos to see how the software works. Using potential software candidate’s websites as a way to research will help you pick out the best online accounting software for your company.

Unique Needs

Each business has its unique attributes, so it’s important to pick an accounting software that can accommodate to your businesses special needs. When choosing an accounting software, think about the specific features that your business needs to operate. Take into account how your employees are paid, what you need the software to track, and if you have any online subscription services. This way you can narrow down potential candidates and focus on the online accounting software that will best fit with your business needs and goals.


Getting recommendations on which online accounting software other companies use and like can be a valuable asset. Make sure that when getting recommendations that it’s coming from businesses that are similar to your own and that you trust. Ask them why they prefer one software over another and what they like best about the software that they have chosen. This way you can see in real time what online accounting software works for businesses similar to yours and which ones just didn’t make the cut. You might not pick the same software as the ones that are recommended but it will start to give you an idea of the specific features that you are looking for.

Ask Questions

It never hurts to ask questions. If you are looking on one of the software company’s websites and you find somethings to be confusing or if you have a question that the site doesn’t answer you should take the time to call or email the company. You don’t want to miss out on a potential fit just because you didn’t want to contact someone to ask questions. Talking one on one with an employee will give you a chance to ask whether the software can be customized, what regulations come with the software, how easy is it to transfer your existing records over to the new software, and how easy it is to upgrade or downgrade plans. It also gives you the chance to see how they interact with their clients.


Most online accounting software offers a trial period. Taking advantage of the trial periods will save you money and time in the long run. Trial periods give you the chance to try out a few softwares and decide which one will work the best. Some accounting will look better in writing than they do in action. This trial period will not only help you find which software will work the best, but will also help you figure out what features you need.

Online accounting software can help accurately keep track of your businesses finances. It can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right software but if you take the time to check compatibility, visit the websites, take into account your businesses special needs, get recommendation from similar businesses, ask questions, and test the software through a trial run then you can confidently pick out the best online accounting for your company. An online accounting software that offers all of these attributes is QuickBooks. QuickBooks is a great option for small businesses and can be easily integrated into any current system. When looking for the best accounting software, follow these tips and check out QuickBooks to see if its the right fit for your company.

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