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Everything You Should Know about QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error

If you run a small business or are a freelance worker, you probably depend on QuickBooks to help with finances. QuickBooks is used by most businesses and freelance professionals across the globe because the application is extremely versatile, easy to use, and reliable.

However, QuickBooks is as prone to errors as any application. A particular error that comes up often with QuickBooks is the unrecoverable error.

Below, we will explain what this error is, the reasons you are getting this QuickBooks error, and 3 steps you can take to fix it.

Unrecoverable Error

The unrecoverable error will pop up in an error message box when you try to open the application. This can happen at any time without warning. There are several codes related to the error, which you see at the bottom left of the error message box when the error pops up. Identifying the code will help you understand the reason for the error. There are several QuickBooks help guides online that can help you identify the error codes. You can also visit QuickBooks’s ProAdvisor help forum to find information on this and other types of errors.

Reasons for an Unrecoverable Error

In general, an unrecoverable error is caused when the software or an update is installed incorrectly or incompletely, or data has been corrupted. Other reasons for the error are: attempting to access, backup, or store a company file, attempting to access a company file stored in external media, attempting to access a company file on another computer, attempting to open a company file in the same folder encryption software is stored, attempting to access a company file that is being used by another computer, attempting to access a company folder in multi-use form or with multi-user settings, and attempting to open a company file through an incorrect path. These are just a sampling of the numerous reasons why you might receive a QuickBooks unrecoverable error on your computer or smart device. You should resolve an unrecoverable error immediately and rebuild QuickBooks to ensure the software will work smoothly.



3 Ways to Fix an Unrecoverable Error

There are loads of QuickBooks help guides and training manuals online that can help you fix the individual issues that caused this error. The best help guides can be found on the company’s main website. Here are a few easy solutions that can help you fix a general unrecoverable error.

  1. Never let QuickBooks open all windows on when the computer starts up. To ensure this doesn’t happen, double click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop, then press the ALT key. You will be prompted to enter a password. When you have done so, click OK. A file will open. When this happens, press the ALT key immediately. Once the file opens, release the ALT key
  2. Change how you save sales forms. You can do this by clicking either the SAVE & CLOSE button or SAVE & NEW button at the bottom of the form. This will save your transaction. While saving, don’t leave the cursor on a blank line of the form. Leave the cursor on a line that has an item filled in instead. Make sure you click the TO BE PRINTED button before you save the transaction. If you want to print, go to FILE first, then click on PRINT FORMS.

3. You may need to re-register the QuickBooks files on your system. First, close QuickBooks. In the START menu, choose the RUN option, then type bat to re-register the application. Restart your computer. Once the computer has restarted, open QuickBooks.

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