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Intuit Merchant Services: Receiving Payments from Clients

When most people think of Intuit, they only consider QuickBooks, a tool for satisfying the accounting needs of small or medium-sized businesses. Merchant Services provides a number of tools that allow a company to process payments easier and more efficiently. This program allows you to receive invoicing, e-commerce support, and ACH payments. Here is some more information on receiving payments from clients using Intuit Merchant Services.


There are a number of features that benefit both your business and your customers with this service. Clients are able to quickly view and cross-check the amount due or what is owed as it’s updated. As the business providing a product or service, you can choose how you would like to accept payment and get notified when the payment is received. These invoices are continuously automatically updated so you will not have to take any action.


Receiving payments from clients the traditional way can be a difficult process. Once the check is received in the mail, you have to deposit it at the bank. This can result in taking longer to make the payment available in your business account. This program offers an e-check feature which allows clients to auto-deposit payment right into your account. This will save you the time and energy it takes to receive the check through the mail and deposit it at the bank.

Mobile and E-Commerce Payments

Manual payment is the way of the past. Today, most people would prefer mobile payment. However, the merchant must be able to accept this type of payment. Merchant Services allows you to easily read credit cards on mobile devices so that you can easily process any mobile payments that you might receive. In addition to receiving payment quicker and accessing them easier, this will satisfy your clients as many of them will undoubtedly prefer mobile payment. It also easily connects with popular shopping carts like WooCommerce and Shopify.

Auto-Populate Invoices

Filling out invoices can be a long and arduous job when you have a large number of clients. Merchant Services looks to solve this problem by auto-populating invoices for businesses so that they no longer have to complete this manually. This allows businesses to place more employees on more pressing tasks. These invoices are also compatible with QuickBooks so that the information automatically entered will automatically update your accounting information. As you’re paid by clients, these invoices and your QuickBooks will also be automatically updated to show the payment has been received.

Sales Assistant


Point of Sale

There are a number of reasons why a retail business may want to incorporate point of sale technology. It allows you to easily and efficiently check out customers without additional employees. Merchant Services offers the software necessary to incorporate point of sale technology into your business. You can purchase the hardware needed from a third-party vendor and connect it with the software from Merchant Services. This will allow you to easily check out customers which will then automatically update your QuickBooks.

When receiving payments from clients, you want to make it easy for your business and the client. There are also a number of tasks that must be completed, such as completing invoices and depositing payments. Intuit Merchant Services automates these processes, making it easier for you to receive and deposit payments. Contact Fourlane if you’re in need of account software experts for your business.

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