Our Promise: To be a Resource

I love sharing the story of why I like working with accounting software. I first used QuickBooks when converting the manufacturing company I was working for from spreadsheets to QuickBooks. Unfortunately, it wasn’t love at first sight.

Those of you who have been through a process like this know how painful it can be.

When setting up the new chart of accounts, I had way more questions than answers.

After struggling with the system for a while, I brought in a QuickBooks ProAdvisor to help. She helped me revamp things and trained me on how to better use the system. I’ll never forget the moment when she showed me a feature I didn’t know about. It literally made me tear up because it changed my daily activity, alleviating frustration in my daily work process.

That’s what I want Fourlane to do for our clients: alleviate frustration, improve workflow and teach them how to do more with what they have. Basically, I want Fourlane to help improve the lives of our customers.

I thought of this story at our management team retreat last month. We talked about our brand promise, or what do we want our clients to think of us. The word that kept coming up was RESOURCE.

Our services revolve around this brand promise … from custom training to QuickBooks consulting and support, our goal is to be your resource. We also provide online training videos, write blogs and host webinars … hopefully, to make life easier for our clients.

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