Payroll Hero

Payroll Services: Why Change?

Payroll may be the most important service you pay for; after all, your employees won’t stick around if they aren’t paid. However, it’s very important to set up payroll properly to avoid IRS and state agency penalties. That’s why we are now offering Payroll Services, either as part of our monthly bookkeeping or as a stand-alone service.

Our Payroll Services ensure:

  • compensation changes, such as bonuses, overtime hours, PTO and sick days, are calculated correctly;
  • payroll taxes at the federal, state and local levels are filed on time and accurately;
  • outsourced services, such as health insurance and 401(k), receive their funds from paycheck withholdings; and
  • your time is assigned to more valuable tasks.

We’re here to help. Let us know if you have any questions.

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