Permissions in QuickBooks Enterprise to Backup a Company File

One of my users in QuickBooks Enterprise does not have the permissions to backup company data. How do I change this?

A big myth that QuickBooks competitors like MAS90 or Microsoft Dynamics will tell you is that QuickBooks does not have a high level of security. QuickBooks Enterprise assists you in managing your company’s finances effectively by allowing you to provide different users with different permissions. You can change permissions for a given user at any time.

You can also customize the roles, or create your own unique roles. You have the ability to restrict access to create, modify, delete, print or view transactions. You can also specify which bank accounts the user has access to – maybe you give them access to the general account but not the payroll account.

To change user permissions in QuickBooks Enterprise, first go to Company from your home screen. Next, choose Setup Users & Roles (you will need the admin password). From here, select the Roles tab, highlight the role you wish to change and edit the role. Select the Company bubble. Here, you can grant users access to certain company tasks such as backing up company data or changing company information. We strongly suggest reading through the different access levels at least one time so you know what is possible to restrict.

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