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Why QuickBooks Enterprise Is the Mid Market Accounting Software You’ve Been Looking For

Over 29 million businesses use QuickBooks and that number keeps growing.

Why is QuickBooks so popular? Probably because of its many unique features designed to help businesses succeed and its ease of use.

Are you looking for mid-market accounting software for your business? QuickBooks Enterprise could be a software solution for you. There’s a reason millions of small business owners choose QuickBooks for their accounting solutions.

Keep reading to learn more about what QuickBooks Enterprise is and how it can work for your business.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise?

QuickBooks is a business accounting solution that comes in several versions including Pro, Premier, Mac, Accountant, and Enterprise. Whatever your business accounting needs may be, QuickBooks has a software solution.

It’s important to know which version will work best for your business before making a choice. In this article, we are focusing on QuickBooks Enterprise.

This version is one of the best and most comprehensive accounting solutions for enterprises and small to mid-sized businesses. If your business needs between five and thirty employees to be able to work in the software at the same time, QuickBooks Enterprise is right for you.

QuickBooks Enterprise specializes in offering end-to-end accounting solutions for many different types of businesses. The software is designed for business types including wholesalers, construction contractors, non-profits, manufacturers, and many others.

Businesses can use QuickBooks Enterprise to do accounting tasks like payroll, inventory tracking, and payables. QuickBooks Enterprise also features more advanced features that you can customize to fit your business needs including advanced pricing, payroll, and many more.

If your business has grown and your needs have outgrown a simpler version of QuickBooks, you can upgrade to Enterprise for its added benefits.

Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise comes with all of the features of previous versions Pro and Premier with new additional features. It also looks and works just like its predecessors, so you won’t have any challenges getting used to the software.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the specific business functions that QuickBooks Enterprise can help with.

Tracking Sales and Customers

Tracking sales orders can be challenging no matter the size of your business. QuickBooks Enterprise helps you simply sales tracking.

This software allows you to track your salespeople and view expenses. This can save significant time and effort.

You can even use the QuickBooks Lead Center to track sales leads. You can also use advanced user tracking features to send estimates and invoices and use foreign currencies for sales transactions.

You can also set custom pricing. This software allows you to grow your business by adding many customers, vendors, and employees.

Payroll and Employee Management

Managing employees is as important as managing customers for any business owner. With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can easily manage your people.

You can calculate payroll taxes, earnings, and deductions using the software as well as create tailored reports that allow you to track employee and contractor time. QuickBooks Enterprise can save you time on running payroll.

Managing Reports

QuickBooks Enterprise allows you to gain insight into your business income and expenses by using the income tracker feature.

You can use this feature to input expenses transactions, even if they are from multiple bank accounts, saving you time. The software also comes with report templates that are industry-specific. You can use these to oversee business activity including profits, losses, cash flows, budgets, and forecasts.

This insight gives you the opportunity to make improvements as needed, saving you time and money. You can even track tax deductions, fixed assets, and expenses.

For even deeper, more specialized reports, QuickBooks Enterprise also has an Advanced Reporting module.

Defining User Roles and Permissions

Data loss and security is a major concern for modern businesses. QuickBooks Enterprise helps you minimize these risks by allowing you to control who can see what business data and information.

You can use this software to give employees access to only what they need for their role. As a business owner, you get a central access role where you can assign permissions and roles to specific employees. The software comes with templates featuring over a hundred different permissions and user roles that you can use to create user profiles for your employees.

Your team will experience increased collaboration if you choose to use QuickBooks Enterprise hosting services. Your employees can access data and files anytime and from anywhere they are working. This is especially important in an age where more and more employees are working remotely.

Inventory Management

QuickBooks Enterprise also comes with an advanced inventory management feature that business owners can use to automatically manage inventory.

You can oversee your entire supply chain and generate reports with information on inventory stock, sales orders, and purchase orders. You can use QuickBooks Enterprise to achieve accurate data by scanning your inventory.

You can even use the software to create barcodes. You won’t have to worry about minimum or maximum stock levels and you can create advanced price rules for parameters including vendors, customers, and items.

Getting Started With QuickBooks Enterprise Accounting Software

If you are looking for a top of the line accounting software for your business, look no further than QuickBooks Enterprise. Designed for a variety of businesses in many industries, QuickBooks Enterprise can help you manage your businesses’ finances.

Let us help you get started. We are QuickBooks experts who offer a variety of products and consulting services designed to help your business put technology to work.

Check out our products and contact us today to learn more.

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