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QuickBooks Purchase Manager – Custom QuickBooks App

The QuickBooks Purchase Manager AddOn is a program that AQB originally wrote to help purchase managers when using QuickBooks.

As shown, the custom program features many parts, including:

Reorder Info

  • Enter vendors to set reorder points and reorder quantities
  • Specify unit costs and vendor info


  • Always keep track of the quantity of items on hand and quantity available, which keeps in mind SO’s, PO’s, transfers, and build assemblies

Purchase Stats

  • Info about purchases, last purchase, last purchase cost, etc.

Inventory Analysis

  • Balance your inventory and see how it is being used
  • Track KPI for your inventory

Top 5 Customers

Top 5 Vendors

And Charts Featuring

  • Sales/Usage Quantities
  • Purchases/Manufacturing Quantities

The program also features multiple tabs for different locations. In this example, the program is for a purchase manager of a company with locations in an Atlanta warehouse, a distribution center, items in transit, a San Jose warehouse, Service Truck #1, etc. For anyone looking for a similar program, this can be customized for your specific needs.

If you need a customized QuickBooks program, talk to one of our experts by calling (800) 931-2120 or send us a message.

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