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Scheduling It Out – Calendaring

As we hit our stride in mid-January 2015, our company has already implemented some changes in how we want things to work in 2015. That means I’ve set up a pretty robust meeting schedule for the year:

  • Monthly meetings with my coaching group. I’ve invested in a peer-coaching group to ensure I stay on track. More on this later this month.
  • Monthly manager’s meetings. Day long meetings where we problem-solve for clients and manage internal processes.
  • Weekly staff meetings. Every Monday morning, we start out the day with the entire team. Each team member has to share something they’ve learned that will benefit the entire group, such as a software tool or a client project. These meetings deepen relationships between our remote team, grow their knowledge and skills, and are a great way to start the week.
  • Monthly client webinars. Each month, we host 30-Minutes with Fourlane, where we share business process and workflow tips, useful information on how to better use the Intuit software we specialize in, and applications that improve our clients productivity and can be integrated into their current software.
  • Weekly marketing meetings. These help our team to keep our focus on growth and informing our customers.

These events on my calendar are a priority. While there are times a client meeting or other event takes precedent, these weekly and monthly meetings make a huge difference in our success and are a priority for me.

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