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Tax Preparation – QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy

QuickBooks Accountant’s Copy allows you to send your QuickBooks file to your CPA or accountant for cleanup while you still work in the system. Similar to a backup or portable company file, the difference is that you choose a dividing date. The accountant will be able to work in the file prior to the dividing date. You can continue to work in the file after the dividing date.

When the accountant has completed the work and sends it back to you, your upload of the changes now includes all of their changes and is live in the system. You also have access to those dates again.

Note: While the accountant is using the accountant’s copy, you’ll be able to view all dates. You just won’t be able to enter transactions prior to the dividing date.

Fourlane has four QuickBooks training videos on Communicating with your CPA that gives step-by-step instructions on this powerful QuickBooks feature. And, of course, let us know if we can help!

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