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What You Can Expect In QuickBooks Desktop 2021

QuickBooks has been around for a long time and is recognized to offer top quality features and functionality in order to value-add its services. Every year, a new version of QuickBooks with additional features is introduced, and this helps to enhance the capability of QuickBooks. Read on to find out more about what you can expect in QuickBooks Desktop 2021!

Enhanced Bank Feeds

One online banking featured offered by QuickBooks desktop is known as Bank Feeds. It helps users download transactions made from different financial institutions. This allow users to focus on core tasks by assisting in the management of bills and bank transactions.

In order to use Bank Feeds, a user will need a bank account from a financial institution where QuickBooks services can be accessed. The user will also need Internet access. Previously, some errors were reported with Bank Feeds. The 2021 version is an improved version with a more efficient system.

Payment Receipts can Now be Customized

QuickBooks allows users to send or print sales receipts. In the previous version of QuickBooks, users are able to send more than one receipt attachment or invoice through a single email. In the latest version, users are now able to customize payment receipts according to requirements. This can help users to get a better understanding of all the payments made, and help to further streamline the entire process. To give payment receipts a more professional look, logos can be added to them.

Rule-Based Customer Groups can be Created

With QuickBooks, users are able to create customer groups that differentiate them according to the requirements. In the 2021 update, these groups can be created based on different categories. This includes location, client type, balance, sales, status and more. With this function, it will help with the business’s management and create an automated communication system, reducing hassle for the user.

Sending Statements can be Automated

In 2020, one of the features added by Intuit is the automation of attaching customer purchase orders to invoices, as well as setting reminders. This year, the process of sending statements has been automated. This helps to reduce the need for users to create and send statements to customers monthly since the system will help automatically send one. Templates and emails can be customized and reviewed before sending over to clients.

QuickBooks Desktop Manager

Sometimes, it can be confusing to manage all the additional products used with QuickBooks Desktop to ensure a workflow that is seamless and efficient. This year, Intuit has come up with the QuickBooks Desktop Manager that helps to organize your applications, making it a lot more convenient to search for or install other products through the tool.

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