Can Your POS Keep up with Your Goals?

Your POS should help you on your way to success. A great point of sale system has everything you need to keep your store running smoothly day after day. If you want to grow your business and shrink your stress, upgrading to QuickBooks POS should be at the top of your list. These goals are totally attainable with the right point of sale system in your corner.

Goal: to never suffer long lines

If you’ve ever dealt with an out of date POS, you know the havoc they can wreak on your cashiers. It always seems as if the very second that lines start to back up, the point of sale system grinds to a halt. Most older systems lack the processing power to keep up with high demand. The more you load onto them, the slower they’re going to run. If you want to grow your business, you’re going to be looking at long lines when things are going well. Customers are already hesitant about long lines. The best thing you can do is show that even if it’s a long line, they’re going to have a short wait.

Goal: to never run out of that hot product

If something is jumping off your shelves, you want to order more of it right away. You don’t want to risk selling out of this year’s hottest toy, for example. If you’re still building your brand as the store that has everything, you can’t afford to run out. QuickBooks POS works to update your inventory list after every sale. This allows you to see at a glance what’s moving quickly before it’s all out. Just try to get that next shipment in before demand drops!

Goal: quick training for new staff

A growing business needs more people stocking the shelves and checking out customers. You don’t want your POS to be a stumbling block for an otherwise good employee. What’s more, long, complicated systems tend to trip up new employees and even veterans. Thankfully, modern POS programs, from QuickBooks, use a simplified user interface that cuts down on confusion during checkout. There’s a lot less memorizing codes and punching in a complex series of buttons. There’s a lot more focus on customer service, and less on memorizing a manual thicker than your hand. Modern POS has come a long way.

Goal: easy accounting

Wouldn’t it be great if some program could scrape all the data stored in your POS and put it directly into your accounting software? Depending on what POS you use, that dream could be your new reality. With QuickBooks, you can have interface options, and link them to your accounting software. Then, let the computers sort the raw data from your POS to the backend accounting programs. This saves you a lot of time and cuts down on the risk of human error. If your goal is to turn accounting from a nightmare into a sweet dream, upgrade your POS system.

Goal: security at every step

Because POS technology gets smarter and more secure, thieves try to use more and more devious ways to get what they want from the machines. With QuickBooks, your POS systems are encrypted against attacks, with security for every feature. Even better, they keep meticulous records of every transaction. You’ll always know who was manning the register when a bad check came through, or a suspicious credit card swipe was detected. While you never want to suspect anyone on your team of working against the good of your company, these new POS systems can help you prepare for the possibility.

Goal: eliminate human error

Very few things in this world are perfect, because, as we all know, people make mistakes. In our personal lives, it’s easy to overlook the common, small errors that people around us make every day. However, you can seldom overlook mistakes in the workplace. The more work your POS can do, the less work is left over for you to mess up yourself. More than just a great time saver, integration with inventory and accounting software also helps to reduce the odds of information getting mixed up between departments. With QuickBooks, you can configure your POS systems to accept your own guidelines. If you refuse to do returns more than fourteen days after the sale, for example, you can make the POS reject attempts. Your staff won’t have to use their own judgement every time.

Every business has goals it wants to achieve. Sometimes they’re as simple as making more money, but usually they’re a little more complex. You want to ensure that information is always accurate, and never run out of anything that’s selling fast, and these are great goals. QuickBooks POS helps reach those goals. Modern point of sale systems are flexible, fast, and powerful. They’re easy to use and work with other programs to keep your business secure and error free.

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