Stefan Cosma

Fourlane’s Core Focus

When people ask me why I started Fourlane, my answer is always the same: a desire to help people succeed. That’s always been my motivator in everything I’ve done, from coaching soccer to volunteering in a local high school. I even explored the idea of becoming a teacher before I ultimately landed on QuickBooks consulting as my way to help others.

This desire informs all the strategic decisions we make at Fourlane and defines our core focus, which reads: Our Passion is to Empower through Knowledge.

Once I knew that I wanted to be a QuickBooks consultant, I had to think about how I would use my skills to help others succeed. That’s where our niche came from: partnering with clients to simplify their financial systems.

Which leads to our brand promise: At Fourlane, we are driven by our clients’ success. We provide solutions and processes that promote growth and meet your unique business objectives.

In hindsight, the evolution of Fourlane is a branding case study: define your mission, determine your niche and establish your brand promise.

The final step is to ensure our team internalizes these statements.This is important because I want the Fourlane team to truly embody the spirit of why I started the company. I want them to want to help our customers become empowered to create the business of their dreams.

I’ve found that getting everyone on board with our brand makes a difference. If we know we are all working towards helping our clients succeed, we can feel good about showing up every day.

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