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Using the Accounting Tools in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

QuickBooks is, hands down, the industry leader in accounting software for small businesses in the United States. Its intuitive format is easily adaptable to different businesses, and, once it’s set up, requires little maintenance to keep it running smoothly. QuickBooks is also vertically compliant with dozens of other applications; data moves seamlessly into and out of QuickBooks to other industry-specific software applications.

If you’ve been successfully using QuickBooks Pro or QuickBooks Premier, but your growing business is outgrowing what these packages can handle, it’s time to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise. QuickBooks Enterprise provides more power, more capacity, and more advanced accounting features than Pro and Premier, while still maintaining the easy-to-use style of QuickBooks you know and love.

Enterprise Features

The following gives you an idea of what you get when you switch to QuickBooks Enterprise:

Increased Capacity

  • Manage up to 30 users on the system simultaneously
  • Keep data for up to 1 million customers, vendors, and employees combined
  • Create a complex chart of accounts with up to 100,000 accounts
  • Use 150 preconfigured industry reports and tools to analyze your data

Advanced Accounting Features

  • Use 14 predefined roles to quickly give users permission to access job-specific tasks and sensitive information
  • Customize individual user profiles with 115 different activities
  • Track fixed assets and depreciation
  • Track and update inventory in real time with multiple units of measure with Cycle Count and an advanced inventory dashboard
  • Perform accounting tasks with the easy-to-use Accounting Toolbox
  • Pay employees easily with Desktop Enhanced Payroll
  • Use ODBC-compliant software to access your QuickBooks database for even more reporting options
  • Control, customize, and automate pricing
  • Create forecasts and business plans
  • Create custom financial statements with Intuit Statement Writer

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Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility

  • Work in two company files simultaneously. You and your CPA can look at the same information in the system at the same time.
  • Complete more activities in multi-user mode
  • Pick, pack, and ship from a central dashboard
  • Scan inventory bar codes with mobile devices
  • Send sales orders to mobile inventory scanners
  • Create custom pick lists
  • Use advanced reporting to access all your data and create any report you need
  • Use ODBC-compliant software to access your QuickBooks database for even more reporting options

Improved Benefits

  • Accept credit card payments directly through QuickBooks with preferred rates
  • Get unlimited tech support and QuickBooks help
  • Protect your data with online backup
  • Access your data from any device, anytime, anywhere with your hosting subscription

Accounting in Enterprise

Previously, many accounting tools were only available to QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant users, but Enterprise includes access to a number of crucial accounting tasks. Go to the company menu and select Accounting Tools. The following table lists the accounting tools and gives a brief description of how to use them:

Reclassify Transactions in Batch Allows you reclassify multiple transactions into the correct account at once.
Troubleshoot Prior Account Balance Helps you reconcile any opening balance discrepancies between your records and those of your accountant.
Review list changes Reports all changes to the chart of accounts, item lists, payroll lists, and fixed asset lists for review.
Write off invoices Allows you to write off one or multiple invoices and add notes to the credit memo and the original bill.
Fix Unapplied Customer Payments and Credits Allows you to identify and apply payments to open invoices.
Clean up the undeposited fund’s account Lets you clearly see manual deposits so you can assign them to the appropriate accounts and clear the undeposited fund account.
Fix Unapplied Vendor Payments and Credits Allows you to identify and apply payments to open invoices.
Fix Incorrectly Recorded Sales Tax Identifies unrecorded but probable sales tax payments and allows you to correctly record them.
Compare Balance sheet and inventory valuation Facilitates reconciliation of the balance in your inventory account on the balance sheet to the inventory valuation summation.
Troubleshoot Inventory Shows several views of potential inventory so you can quickly identify and solve problems.
Find Incorrectly Paid Payroll Liabilities Identifies payroll tax liabilities that may have been paid by regular check.
Working Trial Balance Creates a trial balance with starting and ending balances as well as transactions and tools for adjustments. Space is provided for comments and notes relating to your review.

QuickBooks Enterprise is a powerful, end-to-end accounting tool that will help you manage and grow your business. Fourlane, Inc. is your partner and trusted business advisor. Call us today to discuss your upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise.

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