Does QuickBooks Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Your Favorite Apps?

One of QuickBooks’ most powerful features is its ability to integrate third-party apps that help users tailor a wide range of functions around their organization’s specific needs. But does QuickBooks integrate with the applications that you use? Is there a way to connect the features you use daily directly into QuickBooks so you can skip manual data entry?

We’re glad you asked! Fourlane has you covered.

Let’s take a look at some of the most productive tools used by businesses like yours and discover whether QuickBooks integrates with them. Additionally, let’s look at any special details or instructions you need to know to get started.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with E-Commerce?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with several top E-commerce platforms, including:

  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Volusion

Accept payments by connecting to your QuickBooks and enjoy the added security and automated transaction processing.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Dubsado?

Yes, QuickBooks easily integrates with Dubsado. Your invoices are automatically synced in QuickBooks after a client makes a payment. Just be aware that QuickBooks doesn’t sync invoices or transactions back over to Dubsado.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Pipedrive?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Pipedrive. Pipedrive’s QuickBooks integration app lets you create invoices you can send directly to your QuickBooks account without copying or pasting. You’ll know exactly when they get approved, paid, or become overdue.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with HubSpot?

Good news! Yes, QuickBooks integrates with HubSpot. Log in to your HubSpot account, choose “Marketplace,” select “App Marketplace,” and install the QuickBooks Online integration app.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Shopify?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Shopify. The QuickBooks Connector (OneSaaS) app is in the Shopify App Store along with other app choices. The Shopify POS system turns any mobile device into a powerful point of sale.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Salesforce?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Salesforce using the QuickBooks Salesforce Connector. With Salesforce integrated, you gain visibility over your operations, including:

  • Account data
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Sending and receiving reminders

Special Note: This integration is only available in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Stripe?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Stripe. Integrating Stripe is accomplished using the Commerce Sync third-party app.

With it, you get your Stripe sales activity automatically imported into QuickBooks. There are several plans for the Commerce Sync app, so you can choose the subscription that fits your needs.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Square?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Square, which is great news for the 64 million-plus businesses that use Square to process their credit card payments. Integration is handled by the Connect to Square app.

The result is easy: automatic sales receipts, transactions, your choice of transaction details, and multi-location support—all inside QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Gusto?

Yes, QuickBooks can fully integrate with Gusto.

Gusto is a platform used for payroll, benefits, and HR, so integrating it into QuickBooks synchronizes your wage and tax data automatically whenever you run payroll.

There are several pricing plans to choose from, so doing some online research is recommended to make sure you determine what works best for your business.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Amazon?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Amazon. Specifically, the Amazon Business Purchases app pulls all of your Amazon Business purchases into your QuickBooks account. Your purchase data will automatically be synced every time you make a new purchase.

There are also other third-party options, like A2X, Link My Books, ConnectBooks, and QuickBooks Commerce.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with PayPal?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with PayPal. This integration requires the Connect to PayPal app and allows you to edit categories and match all of your PayPal transactions.

The integrated PayPal data includes all details like fees, which are added to their expense account, so you no longer have to enter them manually.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with WooCommerce?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with WooCommerce. Use the QuickBooks Connector (OneSaaS) to bring your WooCommerce sales and products into QuickBooks. You can also include your inventory.

You’ll want to be sure to set up synchronization options like timezone, email sync, and others to integrate the two perfectly.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Magento?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Magento. Similar to integrating WooCommerce, you can connect Magento using the QuickBooks Connector (OneSaaS).

Once you synchronize them, you can automatically bring your Magento information into QuickBooks to instantly include your customers, products, sales, and invoices.

There are also third-party integrations and extensions for Magento.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Zoho?

Yes, QuickBooks does integrate with Zoho. Indeed, there are multiple Zoho integrations available.

  1. Zoho People: This provides you with the ability to push your time logs from timesheets and bills generated inside Zoho People.
  2. Zoho Inventory: Zoho Inventory allows you to connect your accounting and inventory management.
  3. Zoho CRM: Zoho CRM has bi-directional syncing between Zoho’s Inventory and Customers modules and your QuickBooks account. Information is synchronized and shared in both applications, meaning QuickBooks and Zoho both update the data.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with CRM?

Yes, QuickBooks does integrate with Method: CRM. This automates numerous CRM tasks inside your QuickBooks account, including real-time, two-way sync for customer payments.

There are multiple plans to choose from, which is a huge plus since CRM is known for its excellent customization capabilities.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Clover?

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with Clover using a third-party app called Commerce Sync. There are two plans to choose from: essential and expert.

The integration pulls your online and in-person sales data from Clover directly into QuickBooks.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with

Yes, QuickBooks integrates with The integration lets you track all of your past and new invoices, including their statuses. You can create and edit customer data and invoices.

You can find the integration app on the Monday Marketplace. It is built on top of an iPaaS tool called Integromat.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Toast?

Yes, Toast and QuickBooks can be integrated using a service provided by Toast xtraCHEF, allowing users to generate daily sales journal entries in QuickBooks without having to enter data manually. The great news is that syncing sales works in both xtraCHEF Lite and Pro.

Does QuickBooks Integrate with Excel?

The answer is yes, you can integrate QuickBooks with Excel. In fact, Fourlane offers a service to help do just that, with full-time programmers who have helped thousands of customers import, clean, paste, and share vendor and customer data between Excel and QuickBooks. Customers can do the same manually, but that can be time-consuming.

Fourlane: Integrate with Ease

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