QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory Quirk

QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Inventory Quirk- I am not sure if this is a bug, but definitely something that caught my attention.

Another QuickBooks Enterprise issue was discovered this week by our owner, Marjorie Adams, and this time it has to do with Advanced Inventory. Advanced Inventory is the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions feature that allows users to track items to specific bins within a warehouse, scan barcodes to enter data into their system easily, track serial or lot numbers, and transfer items between inventory sites.

If Advanced Inventory is off, a user is able to change a Non-Inventory Part to an Inventory Part with ease. However, when Advanced Inventory is on, “Inventory Part” is not an option available switching from Non-Inventory Part to Inventory part.


In this picture, you can see what happens when Advanced Inventory is off. When editing an Non-Inventory Item you have the option to choose to change it to an Inventory Item. When you do this it will give you a warning that this is not reversible, but it is an option.

And here you can see what happens when Advanced Inventory is on – you don’t have the option to switch the item to an Inventory part. In this case we were doing a sample to show a client what the effect from switching their items to inventory tracking would do. So we flipped off the advanced inventory switch, fixed the items, and turn advanced inventory back on. We did not notice that this had any effect on the QuickBooks file nor inventory. We are continuing to test this.

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