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Why Acumatica Is The Leading Cloud ERP Software

Now more than ever before, businesses are communicating remotely. For this reason, it is crucial that they have an up-to-date, reliable view of the state of their business. Also required for utilization from anywhere at any time are other various solutions. With this in mind, ERP software is essential. But which one? According to industry experts, the fastest growing cloud ERP product available today is Acumatica.

The following is three reasons why this software stands out over all of its competition.


With this easy to use and simple platform, satisfaction is constantly and consistently expressed by Acumatica clients. But why? Possibly the biggest reason is the design for the cloud. Anywhere, anytime, all applications are accessible. This allows the user, at all times, to stay connected from a mobile device.

But there’s more! Acumatica was literally built for the cloud. With any applications you may already be using, it integrates seamlessly. You can stay connected with your previous application and investment decisions because it was made to harmonize with your existing cloud platforms.

Industry Focus

Acumatica brings another major advantage to the table. Namely, industry editions which keep in mind specific needs of a particular industry. For several different industries, specialized ERP solutions and capabilities are provided. Acumatica editions include the following:

  • Construction Edition – Including job cost accounting, it easily manages finances. It also handles field service team capabilities and customers.
  • Field Service Edition – To track and optimize operators, as well as manage field service appointments, it provides the needed capabilities.
  • Commerce Edition – It was designed for retailers in need of advanced financial and inventory capabilities as well as those who need integrated e-commerce function.
  • Manufacturing Edition – Perfect for managing multi-plant activities. Integrate shopfloor scheduling, material purchasing, and production planning.
  • Distribution Edition – For distribution and wholesale companies, it’s ideal for managing logistic activities and supply chain. This edition provides integrated inventory and financials with which to do so.


There are two things about which Acumatica is passionate:

  • Building for the future
  • Innovation

That’s why they continually invest in mobile technology, natural language processing, and machine learning. The operational workflows of their consumers are supported in this manner.

Here’s just one example: An optical character recognition (OCR) feature was created in Expense Management’s latest version so that it can do the following:

  • Read a company receipt photo
  • Create connections
  • Take that information and put it into an expense reimbursement request

Why is that important? In the past, in order to continue processing, that kind of information would have to have been manually entered. Now it can be automatic.

The Best Way to Learn All about Acumatica

Whether it’s Acumatica or QuickBooks, our team of experts can offer advice, tips, suggestions, and much more. Small and medium-sized businesses alike benefit from the use of QuickBooks each and every day. Those having grown above and beyond the capabilities of QuickBooks, however, may be better served by Acumatica software.

Contact us today to find out which version of software best suits your needs and your business.

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